Art Matters: 3 Foolproof Tips for Picking the Best Warhol Print for Your Home

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Unless you’re an experienced art purchaser or interior designer, finding the best artwork for your home may likely not be an intuitive process. You might be worried about whether or not a particular piece fits your personal style, you may be worried about how canvas and frame sizes will fit your walls or maybe you’ve found that working with color isn’t exactly your forté. You might even find yourself in the impossible (but not at all uncommon) position of choosing something that both you and your spouse can enjoy—even though you have vastly different tastes.

But the process needn’t be so complicated. Artwork is simply icing on top of the cake of any beautiful home. Though it may take time and consideration to select the artwork that’s best for you, if you stay true to your own tastes, you’ll find it’s easier than you think to select pieces you’ll love coming home to.

At Edward Kurstak, we have almost twenty years of experience helping clients all over the nation selecting pieces that work best for their homes—and at prices that can’t be beat by many other galleries. As Andy Warhol is one of our top-selling artists, we’d like to take the opportunity to illustrate how you can simplify the artwork selection process using some of the Warhol artworks we have available for sale now. So here are three of the most foolproof tips we’ve found over the years for choosing the best Andy Warhol prints for your home:

1) Size Matters: Identifying Target Size for Any Room

It would make little sense to put a full-scale, life-size portrait in a tiny bathroom. But one may fit in your entryway. Likewise, a tiny, postcard-sized framed invitation mailer may look lost on a larger wall. If you aren’t particular about the size of a piece you’re looking for, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. As claims, if you’re looking to decorate a room, you may find it easier to “start with the larger pieces and work [your] way down. As you begin pulling together your space, purchases add up, and soon enough your home will be decorated to your preferences.”

This means that for a focal point on a larger wall, you might consider a larger Warhol piece—like this 42”x42” publisher’s proof of Grace Kelly:

Grace Kelly - Andy Warhol

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And then for accents throughout the room—perhaps framed pieces that you set on side tables—focus on a smattering of smaller-sized works, like these signed announcement cards that measure 6”x4.25”:

MAO Announcement Cards - Andy Warhol

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By identifying the size of a space you’re looking to fill with a piece of artwork first and foremost, you’ll be automatically narrowing down your options for possible selection. And in blending larger- and smaller-sized pieces of artwork and arranging them appropriately within your space, you’ll give your home both visual texture and depth.

2) Mood Matters: Selecting Artwork Based on Color & Theme

The artwork you decorate your home with will ultimately provide an impression, and therefore a mood, for both yourself and your guests. Think about what kind of mood you want to have when you’re in a particular area you’d like to decorate in your home. This might best be exemplified by a kitchen, which we’ve found is a space many of our clients want to feel creative and energized in, as opposed to a bedroom, where our clients want to feel as relaxed as possible.

Color theory dictates that colors like red, yellow and orange trigger excitement and idea generation. In that case, artworks with these shades might be better suited for a creative space. For example, this hand-signed Andy Warhol announcement including shades of yellow, pink and peach might be just what you’re looking for to decorate a creative space:

Marilyn (Announcement) 1981 by Andy Warhol

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Whereas a piece with more subdued colors, like this cream-and-black silkscreen might be better suited for a space like your bedroom, where you’re just looking to relax after a long day.

Ladies and Gentlemen 2 (1) by ANDY WARHOL Regular price

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Of course, what emotions and actions anyone wants to evoke within any particular space in their home varies from person to person. We’ve even serviced clients with entirely red bedrooms before! But knowing what reactions you want in which space in your own home is a great place to start thinking about how you’ll decorate that space. Most importantly...

3) Decorate to Satisfy Your Own Taste—Nobody Else’s

You deserve a home that makes you happy when you walk in it. Therefore, the artwork you decorate your home with must first and foremost speak to your own personal taste and attitude. For some, that might mean this Mickey Mouse silkscreen from Andy Warhol’s Myths series is a perfect fit for a central spot above the fireplace:

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But if you’re not someone who wants to see Mickey Mouse above the fireplace, that’s okay! Perhaps you’re more of a John Wayne type. In that case, this silkscreen from Warhol’s Cowboys and Indians series would be a perfect fit:

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Perhaps you’re neither of these. Never fear! There’s plenty more Andy Warhol artwork, as well as artwork from many more artists, in our galleries you could choose from.

At the end of the day, you should only buy artwork that satisfies you—nobody else. So as long as you make yourself and satisfying your own tastes your first and most important priority, you’ll find it’s hard to go wrong.

Finally, practice makes perfect. And we’ve got almost twenty years of that. So feel free to contact us regarding any questions you might have about selecting the right artwork to decorate your home with. Whether it’s Warhol or another artist, we’d be glad to help you make the correct choice in selecting artwork you’ll love seeing inside your home.