Signed Art for Sale Online Pop Art, Street Art, Photorealism & More

Our Story

When Edward Kurstak moved from Germany to the US in 1992, he brought with him a passion for pop and contemporary art as well as a European sensibility that lithographs, limited-edition prints, signed items and high-quality serigraphs should be made readily available to art collectors at all stages of their investment journeys. And since Edward Kurstak Gallery’s inception almost twenty years ago, we have evolved from offering a modest selection of museum & exhibition posters to curating & making available online some of the most sought-after artworks by the most sought-after modern artists.

Our Gallery Today

Today, Edward Kurstak is proud to serve various niches of the collector community while helping to cut the costs of traditional gallery purchases by offering verified, collectible and valued ephemera as well as original pieces of artwork for investors at all levels via our online gallery. Our focus is primarily on pop art, street art, photorealistic art and other postwar art movements, and our gallery a large selection includes a large majority of works by recent artists including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Charles Bell and others. Whether you’re looking to buy a specific, signed piece of Andy Warhol art for sale or just to browse, take a look at what we have in store. Your first, or next, investment in fine art could be waiting.