Feeling Nostalgic? Here are Five Charles Bell Prints that Satisfy

Posted by Edward Kurstak on

Charles Bell was a self-taught painter born and raised in Oklahoma whose massive photorealistic canvases depict still-life images of nostaligic, child-friendly items such as vintage action figures and toys, gumball machines, pinball machines and more. Working primarily in oils but actually working from photographs of meticulously arranged objects, Bell sought to magnify and give animated life to mundane objects and to present industrial products made to satisfy children’s markets re-consumable for now-adult audiences. In evoking these emblems of bygone eras, Bell’s work reminds us that frivolity, playfulness and unadulterated, innocent joy are indeed worthy of more than just a passing glance: we should even hang images of them on our walls, too. 

These five Charles Bell prints for sale in Edward Kurstak’s online shop are sure to satisfy your nostalgic urge for an earlier era’s simplicity and innocence:

Charles Bell Circus Act

Circus Act, 1995
Color Giclee on thick paper, estate signed

Charles Bell Thunder Smash FIREBALL 500,

Fireball 500, 1977
Color Giclee on thick paper, estate signed

Charles Bell Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit, 1990
Color Giclee on thick paper, estate signed

DOUBLE BUBBLE,   by  Charles Bell

Double Bubble, 1995
Silkscreen, signed in pencil

Charles Bell One to four can play

One to Four Can Play, 1995
Screenprint, estate signed

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