Inject Some Diva Energy into Your Home with These Five Pieces by Andy Warhol

Posted by Edward Kurstak on

It's no secret that Andy Warhol captured the American pop culture lover’s fascination with starlets better than any other artist of his generation. And his fascination with divas provided some standout works that have found themselves homes in everywhere from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to NorthPark Mall in Dallas. And now, you can even decorate your own home with authentic silkscreens and lithographs of Warhol’s divas from Edward Kurstak. Here are six of our favorites that we have available right now:


Marilyn Monroe, 1967
Silkscreen proof, unsigned


Ingrid Bergman as The Nun (from The Bells of St. Mary's), 1983
Silkscreen with blind stamp & publisher stamp (Galerie Borjeson Malmo)

Elizabeth Taylor, 1969
Lithograph, print signed, poster for Staatsgalerie Stuttgart)


Grace Kelly, 1984
Silkscreen on Lenox Museum Board with stamp, unsigned publisher's proof


Greta Garbo as Mata Hari, 1981
Silkscreen on Lenox Museum Board with diamond dust, unsigned publisher's proof

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