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During the 1980s, Keith Haring rose to be one of the most prominent artists in the United States with artwork that bridged the gap between the fine art world and the street, creating accessible paintings that could be found at-random as graffiti in New York City subways, building facades and sidewalks just as well as in some of the most renowned galleries in the City—and even, eventually, in his own storefront.

Born to parents who encouraged his artistic sensibilities from a young age in Pennsylvania in 1958, Haring was heavily influenced by the illustrative style of the Dr. Seuss books he read as a child, as well as by the characters of Walt Disney. At the young age of 20, in his hometown’s local art center, he held his first solo art show. Shortly thereafter he moved to New York City to pursue his art professionally. Upon moving, Haring began making a rather notorious name for himself as a graffiti artist whose work would pop up seemingly out of nowhere on the streets of the City—and which would even get him arrested. Eventually, though, the city came to embrace his artwork as he was taken in and nurtured by other contemporary, established artists like Andy Warhol and Jean-Micheal Basquiat as he navigated the city’s underground queer scene as well as its club environments, including the now-legendary Club 57.

Based on linework, tribal painting and expressions of motion, Haring’s artistic output is testament to the postermodern movement’s tendency of shattering traditional artistic norms to create a heightened sense of realism and urgency. During the notorious AIDS crisis that ravaged the city’s queer and urban poor population in the 1980s—and which would lead to the death of many of Haring’s friends—his work took on an activist nature. In turn, his simplified style of figure drawing, which once expressed the togetherness and sense of glee his liberated queer community was feeling before the crisis, began to express the urgency of living life to the fullest as well as fighting against the corrupt health care system in both New York City and the nation that seemed not to care at all about countless gay men, and others, dying.

Although his career was cut short by his tragic death from AIDS in 1990, which led to a funeral attended by over a thousand mourners, his output of work was nevertheless prolific, and many of his plein air pieces still stand and are protected by New York City. Likewise, his individual pieces demand a large following with art collectors. And Edward Kurstak Gallery is proud to have various selections of Keith Haring art for sale in our own collection.

Montreux Jazz Festival 1983 POSTER 1 by Keith Haring

Spanning the gamut from silkscreen invitation cards advertising Haring’s gallery shows to signed gallery posters, commissioned pieces and more, Edward Kurstak is glad to make Keith Haring’s artwork available for purchase to buyers at any stage in their journey of building their collection of fine art and memorabilia.

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