Index Book by ANDY WARHOL


Andy Warhol Index Book First edition, NY, Random House, 1967 Paper size: 11 x 8.5 inch (28 x 22 cm) Present: all 10 accessory the castle, the accordion (silent), the geodesic dome on a string, the Lou Reed flexi-disk, the folding nose, the Hunt's Tomato Paste can, the Warhol blotter, the sponge, the Chelsea Girls spring disk (laid in, minus spring), the balloon (fused to pages), the pop-up plane (on pages tipped in). Lacking only the postcard. Minor discoloration to several pages surrounding the two pages fused by the balloon, and mild rubbing to the last 2 pages marginal residue on the front.  good/ very good condition
$ 800.00
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