For almost twenty years, Edward Kurstak has offered high-quality, unique & valuable artifacts from a broad range of artists to the consumer who wants to invest in art without paying the high up-front costs of purchasing through a traditional gallery or art fair. With a broad selection of contemporary art for sale from some of the world’s most sought-after artists, and at an affordable price point, we offer something for everyone looking to begin their long-term investment in fine art.


At Edward Kurstak, we know how difficult it can be to find beautiful artwork at a reasonable cost—especially for investors looking to begin their collections. So we set out to eliminate the high costs of purchasing through a gallery by dealing almost exclusively online. 

With a wide variety of art for sale, our gallery has something for everyone. And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll do anything we can to find a piece that’s right for you. We have multiple, valued partnerships with esteemed and seasoned art dealers, publishers and printers throughout the world—enabling you with the purchasing power to own the artwork of your dreams. 

Most importantly, Edward Kurstak recognizes that the most important factor in the pursuit of art ownership is the relationship between dealer and purchaser. Therefore, we keep an open dialogue with our clients throughout the entire acquisition cycle and beyond and act as true partners in our clients’ pursuits of collecting fine artworks. Best of all, we make every effort we can to beat validated prices on originals and print works. Be sure to check back frequently to take advantage of our updates, special offerings and giveaways. 

We hope to speak with you soon.


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